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2024 munter- November 23-24

The Marokopa Munter is the North Islands' premier adventure race location, and is just a two hour drive from New Plymouth and 90 minutes from Hamilton. From the Waitomo Caves, just keep heading West until you reach the Tasman Sea, flanked by the mighty Marokopa River and a few impressive sheep covered hills. 

A sleepy coastal settlement, Marokopa and the surrounding Waitomo region is a spectacular adventure playground- once you've been 'Munted, life will never be the same!

The 6 hour race will cater for all levels of ability and skill- great for novices but still challenging enough for old pros- plenty of rogaine and navigation​ choices for all!

The 12 hour race is a solid days work and the rogaine feature will allow all teams to finish the course within the time limit.

The 24 hour is the ultimate test- solid bush and night navigation as well as the usual gruelling west coast terrain, complete with decent size hills, rivers and amazing scenery. But be warned- you will need a solid level of fitness, experience and skill- the 24 hour race is not an entry level event!

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