Campsite Address:
297 Speedies Road, Te Anga, open from 4pm Fri
6 Hour Start Line:
 same address, turn up between
9am-9:30am Sat
MUNTER all GO for 22 JAN 2022

Kia Ora adventure racers, the checkpoints are all set, maps printed and the whole Munter team are  raring to let you all loose on one heck of a course! A sweet variety of terrain, a few decent hills on the bike, some fun downhills, a bit of river action and of course some stunning terrain to test your nav!  The weather is looking fine and hot, so bring plenty of sunscreen and fluids and your lucky adventure socks. 

Click on the above link to get up to speed with the logistics for the weekend and share with your team mates and support crews.  Check the gear list on website and make sure the bike is well serviced, shoes are CLEAN, CHECKED and DRY and your favourite fluoro zinc stick is packed. 

5th Anniversary Edition



Races start for all divisions on Saturday 22nd January, with Sunday 23rd January the finish for the 24 hour and the prizegiving at Marokopa Hall for the 12 and 24 hour teams.

New for 2021/2022: we are looking to add some extra value- this year the 24 hour race will be 25 hours long!!

As well as the A1 Premier 4 Person Mixed Division, there will also be the new "Plus One" division where teams can be 5 person, but only 4 race in each stage- the 'Plus One' will drive the support vehicle to the next transition and can sub in for the next stage. 

The 12 Hour race will involve the main staples of trekking and mountain biking and will also have a kayaking option. It will require a support crew, and will also include the 'Plus One' division. 

The 6 Hour race will not require a support crew and will involve trekking, mountain biking and mystery activities.


Marokopa is just two hour drive from New Plymouth and 90 minutes from Hamilton. From Waitomo Caves, just keep driving West until you reach the Tasman Sea, flanked by the mighty Marokopa River and a few impressive sheep covered hills!

A sleepy coastal settlement, Marokopa and the surrounding Waitomo region is a spectacular adventure playground- once you've been 'Munted, life will never be the same!

The 12 hour race is perfect as a step up from 3/6 hour races and the rogaine feature will allow all teams to finish the course. The 24 hour is the ultimate test and could also be the best GODZone preparation you will find!

But be warned- you will need a solid level of fitness, experience and skill- the 24 hour race is not an entry level event!

McIndoe Group in Te Kuiti- proud supporters of the 'Munter!

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