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A bunch of mates from Taranaki thought it would be fun to compete in an adventure race quite a few years back now.​

Things spiraled out of control from that first race to where we now have had a decent crack at several GODZone's (representing Team Macpac and all the 'mid-pack battlers' out there) and ten years of organizing the Taranaki 6 Hour Adventure Race. 

The 'Munter race has grown thanks to its laid back vibe, challenging terrain and awesome locals who get right behind this community event. The race helps bridge the gap between shorter 3/6 hour races and the expedition length races. 

A shared love of the outdoors coupled with the realization that adventure racing brings out (usually!) the best in people and the opportunity to push each other to new levels mentally and physically and all the while experiencing amazing new locations seems like the ultimate combo!

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