2021 (Jan '22)

2021 (Jan '22)- A scorching hot summers day with hills, crazy rock formations and plenty of waterfalls to go chasing! Stunning stations (thanks Stu and Jenny) to explore and a nice wee paddle down the Marokopa river to finish it all off!


2020- South of Marokopa this year- Waikawau to Mahoenui and all the way back. Stunning daytime views, torrential early morning rain bringing the mud that was absent last year! Waikawau, Paparahia, Onetai, pies after midnight and war stories for everyone.

*Please note splits available only for 12 Hour and up to CP7 for the 24 PR.


2019- The three races took competitors through a bit of everything- the only lacking feature was mud! Highlights included the Marokopa area, Pehimatea Station Rogaine, Nukuhakari, Waikawau and a few pockets of west coast bush! 6, 12 and 24 hours of pure munt! 


2018- Te Waitere to Marokopa and all the good bits in between! A great day (or two) racing- superb weather, more hills than you could poke a stick at, a bit of low tide mud, and every Munter had a smile on at some stage!! 


2017- Well done to all the inaugural 'Munters' who took on the challenge and came out the other side!

Marokopa will be never be the same and the rumors from the locals indicate there is plenty more terrain yet to be explored...