The race will be held in the Marokopa/ Waitomo area, one of the North Island's best kept adventure secrets. The region is full of adventure potential- hills, rivers, farms, bush and more hills.

Just under two hours drive from New Plymouth and 90 minutes from Hamilton- it's easy accessible from all over the North Island.


12 HOUR: Starts 8 am Saturday 20th November. All teams must be finished by 8pm Saturday evening. This race is perfect for those newer to Adventure Racing- who maybe have some experience in 6 hour races or other multisport/ adventure activities.

The main requirement is the ability to keep moving (at whatever your pace is) for close to 12 hours- the optional checkpoints will allow all teams to finish within the 12 hours- those with greater pace/ navigation skill can obviously collect a few more CPs, but course completion will certainly be achievable for all teams. 

Team size can be two, three or four person. A support crew is required for this year's race. The core disciplines will be mountain biking and trekking.

24 HOUR: Starts at 10 am on Saturday 20th November, with expected finish times between 8-10 am Sunday 21st November. 

The actual divisions will be updated early in 2021.

The main difference between the 12 and 24 hour races, aside from the obvious double the hours out racing, is that the 24 hour race will involve greater difficulty in navigation, especially with the 10 or so hours of darkness. Route choice and strategy will also be an increased feature. Perfect for teams wanting to step up into longer length races, or are training for GODZone, or are just suckers for punishment and want to be an ultimate Munter!

Teams are FOUR person only- mixed, male or female. The premier category is the Mixed Team Packrafting division, and the winning team will be allocated maximum points for the NZ Adventure 1 Series, the overall NZ winner gaining a free entry into an Australian premier adventure race, details can be found on the Adventure 1 website.

Race registration and general briefing for the 12 and 24 hour teams is at 8pm Friday 19th November at the Marokopa Community Hall, Carley Reeve Drive. Race Briefings will be one hour before start times on Saturday. But as we all know, these timings are subject to change for a variety of reasons- we will keep you all well posted!


We receive plenty of questions about the race format for the 'Munter. While some races have all compulsory checkpoints and the CPs must be collected in numerical order (or face penalties or become unranked), the Marokopa Munter format will involve rogaine sections where CPs can be collected in any order and are all optional. This way, teams can choose their level of challenge and use strategy to maximise their strengths.  

All teams have either 12 or 24 hours to collect as many CPs as they can and be back at the finish line within the allotted time. Decision making, teamwork and strategy will play a big part in teams' success.


To be confirmed

The race will involve the AR standards of Trekking and Mountain Biking, utilizing a variety of terrain. Pack rafting is a possiblity if we can make it work.

Maps will be standard NZ Topo50 type, 1:50,000 scale topographic maps. We suggest bringing 'Coverseal' type materials to waterproof them. 

The race will take teams through some remote areas and will involve racing through the night for the 24HR teams. Therefore the following gear list is not to be taken lightly. We expect all teams to have all the required gear for the entire race unless directed otherwise by race officials. It is not a definitive list, you may wish to take more gear- especially if the weather is more winter than spring!

Individuals must carry the following gear at ALL times unless instructed by the race director:


  • Fleece/ Merino Top

  • Thermal Top

  • Thermal Bottoms

  • Jacket (water/wind proof)

  • Gloves

  • Beanie

  • Whistle

  • Food and Drink for the entire race/ each stage

  • Headlamp torch

  • Survival Bag (silver foil type)

  • Sleeping Bag (only one per team required for 12 hour, one per person for 24 hour)

  • Dry bag

  • Backpack to carry it all


Team Gear (can be carried by anyone in the team)


  • Cell Phone with GPS, loaded with "I-HIKE" or similar mapping app. A GPS unit would be fine too- the phone or GPS will be placed in a provided sealed bag- emergency use only. 

  • Multi purpose knife (eg. Swiss Army)

  • First Aid Kit (minimum= plasters, small and large bandages, tape, paracetamol, crepe rolls, anti-histamines)

  • 2 x Compass

  • Tent Fly -24 Hr teams only,  (or full tent, especially if weather looks rough, bring both and we will decide Friday night)

  • PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) 

Bike Gear  (only needed for bike legs)


  • Mountain Bike 

  • Helmet

  • Bike lights- front and flashing red rear.

  • Spare tubes, Pump, Bike tool kit

Pack Rafting Gear (24 Hr PR Division)- This gear will need to be carried on trek section- ie you need decent sized packs!

  • Packrafts (ie 2 x Double PR or 4 x Single PR)

  • Paddles x 4 (Split paddles most suitable)

  • Helmet x 4 (Bike helmets acceptable)

  • PFD x 4

  • Throw bag x 2

  • Repair Kit

  • Inflation device

  • Dry Bags 

24HR - to be confirmed

12HR race will require a support crew.

Accommodation close to Marokopa can be harder to find if you leave it to the last minute. There are options on Bookabach and Air BnB, but they will go fast. There is a good campsite in the town:

Marokopa Campground
1 Ruaparaha Street
(07) 876 7511

Other accommodation options are available on Bookabach or Air BnB

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